Events in Madrid

Events in Madrid

Madrid is a metropolitan city vibrant with energy and cultural ferment, with private events of all kinds in all seasons of the year. A city that rarely sleeps, mostly in the afternoon hours of the very hot summer months, is curious and who likes the outdoors can only love events, be they traditional or born in the wake of modern trends.

Unmissable are the events that refer to the identity elements of Spanish culture, such as the traditional festivals in which the people of Madrid participate with pride and enthusiasm wearing the typical clothes, the bulls or festivals dedicated to flamenco, the passionate dance typical of this country.

These events represent the best opportunity for tourists to get to know this city which, under its metropolitan aspect, is perhaps the most Spanish in all of Spain.

The most modern events testify to the cultural ferment and liveliness of Madrid, a capital that never stands still: music festivals that make the youngest unleashed, book fairs that attract huge crowds of visitors, days dedicated to architecture, jazz concerts, food and wine events, dance festivals ...

There is a lot to do but we will help you choose. Thanks to the calendar Madrid events that you find below you can start planning your holiday based on your interests.


Cavalcade of the Magi

The first major event of the year that has just begun is in Madrid there Cavalcade of the Magi which takes place in the late afternoon of January 5th: a tradition widespread also in other cities that gathers ocean crowds here.

Long lines of anxious children wait behind the barriers for the arrival of the great Kings of the East, Melchior, Gaspare and Baldassarre who, sumptuously dressed, cross the heart of the city as protagonists of a spectacular parade in which jugglers and street performers also find space .

In these parts they are much more loved than Santa Claus because they are the ones who bring the gifts to the children's homes after the dazzling lights of the parade have gone out.



The playfulness and cheerfulness inherent in the Spanish people explodes during the days of Madrid Carnival, during which the streets and squares of the city are invaded by children and adults in celebration.

Numerous are the events organized during the final week of the Carnival period, usually linked to a single theme that acts as a common thread.

The most anticipated events are the Carnival parade, the Ball and the Masks Competition organized by the Circolo delle Belle Arti and the meeting of bands and popular choirs (murgas and chirigotas) in the Plaza de la Villa. The Madrid Carnival symbolically ends with the feast of the "burial of the sardine".


The cold month of February in the Spanish capital is enlivened by the bright colors and creative trends on display at ARCOMadrid international fair of contemporary art.

They exhibit selected national and international galleries offering paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations, video art, new media, illustrations and engravings. The program also includes specific activities for collectors and industry professionals such as workshops, presentations, meetings and forums.

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Holy Week

Also in Madrid, as in many Spanish cities, the Holy Week celebrations they are deeply felt and are experienced by the people of Madrid with pride and involvement.

Concerts of sacred music in the churches, processions that carry around the city the statues of the saints decorated with candles, flowers and drapes of precious and sweet traditional fabrics for sale in the pastry shops of the city are the festive, sacred and profane elements, which transform the city of Madrid in the week from Palm Sunday to Easter.

Among the numerous processions that are organized in the city of Madrid we remember: Christ of Faith and ForgivenessOur Father Jesus of Great Power and Holy Mary of HopeJesus Nazareno and the Virgin of Solitude  Sorrowful Virgin.


International Gourmet Fair

The tastiest trade fair in Madrid is the Gourmet Lounge o International Gourmet Fair, an international event organized annually by Grupo Gourmets dedicated to high quality food and wine.

Delicatessen on display from all over Europe and a busy schedule of workshops, show cooking, demonstrations, conferences and other themed activities make this international fair an unmissable event for all lovers of haute cuisine.

Rock'n'roll Marathon

The international format of the Rock'n'roll Marathon he also landed in Madrid. The formula is the same as in other European cities: a marathon in the sporting sense of the term, with the complete 42 km course, a 23 km half marathon and a 10 km mini-marathon, in which rock music is the protagonist.

Taking part in this event is the funniest, healthiest and most original way to explore the most characteristic streets of the center of Madrid (and beyond), obviously to the beat of music! If you are lazy, you can always watch as a spectator.


The longest-running electronic and pop / rock music festival in the city of Madrid has been held since 1995: under the label of musical biodiversity, Festimad brings together protagonists of the international scene and young emerging bands.

The over twenty editions of the festival took place in very different locations and scenarios such as parks, squares, stadiums, clubs, auditoriums, always gathering an enormous consensus from the public: the overall budget up to 2016 already spoke of one million spectators and more of 7000 artists.


Feast of San Isidro

Events in Madrid
In traditional dress during the feast of San Isidro
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