La Latina

La Latina

Il La Latina neighborhood it is located in the heart of Madrid and yet it seems light years away from the touristy and “glossy” areas of Austrias, Sol and Gran Via.

This popular neighborhood is one of the most traditional areas of the capital, as clearly revealed by its urban conformation made up of winding medieval streets and squares with an irregular plan, so different from the large boulevards of the tourist areas.

It is the ideal place for those who prefer to drink a cerveza in a traditional tavern than a cocktail in a trendy bar, for those who like to browse the markets instead of shopping in the boutiques and for those who walk for hours without wondering where to go.

It is also one of the best areas to attend Madrid's traditional festivals, such as Verbena de la Paloma and Feast of San Isidro, during which the real people of Madrid are unleashed in typical songs and dances.

If all this were not enough, there is another valid reason to include La Latina among the areas not to be missed in Madrid: here you can eat the best tapas in town. Try the squid sandwich or a portion of paella, of course to accompany a "cerveza".

Who was La Latina

Like many other central districts of Madrid, La Latina also owes its name to a historical figure: in this case it is the writer and humanist Beatriz Galindo placeholder image, lived between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

She went down in history with the nickname of La Latina for her passion for the classics, she was the tutor of the children of Queen Isabella la Cattolica and one of the first women in the world to hold the position of university professor.

In addition to the Madrid neighborhood, a crater on the planet Venus was dedicated to her.

What to see in La Latina

La Latina is one of those neighborhoods to wander around randomly, without an itinerary or a list of attractions to visit. People come here to savor the daily life of real Madrid: arm yourself with comfortable shoes and enjoy a walk in one of the most authentic areas of the Spanish capital.

La Latina
Calle Toledo, in the Barrio de La Latina
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