Elegant, lively, extravagant, huge, sunny and never tired: Madrid it is the sophisticated home of Spanish royalty, the favorite destination of inveterate night owls, a mecca for art lovers, a great cauldron in which the new ferments of alternative, hipster, underground cultures boil.

    Madrid it is ideal if you are looking for a holiday dedicated to culture and the discovery of the most authentic traditions of Spain, but at the same time you want to spend the evenings among clubs, wild dances and make new acquaintances. Moreover, unlike many other places more devoted to chaos and nightlife, the Spanish capital caters for all tastes, both for those looking for a quiet holiday, full of culture and tradition, and for those instead he prefers to spend the evening in nightclubs and then sleep for the rest of the day.

    Strategically located in the center of Spain, about 646 meters above sea level, Madrid retains one of the most important historical centers in Europe, which blends in harmony with the most modern and comfortable structures, as well as with the hotel facilities and very advanced communication and technological means.

    As for the historic center, the most important focal point is certainly the Plaza Mayor, inaugurated in 1620 and considered one of the most popular and typical corners of Spain, since it witnessed the splendor that the capital began to live between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

    Il Palacio Real to Madrid
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