Madrid nightlife

Madrid nightlife

What makes the Madrid nightlife? Was it going to last until morning, the impressive number of clubs or the liveliness of the people of Madrid? Come and find out!

Madrid is a city that, like London and New York, never sleeps. Madrilenians like to stay out late and this natural inclination for fun has given rise to a myriad of clubs in all areas of the city. Wherever you are, on any day of the week, you will find bars and discos where you can have fun until morning.

Experience Madrid at night it is therefore a must, even for those who may not normally feel like a nocturnal animal, because the heart of the Spanish capital beats at a more frenetic pace when the sun goes down.

You can't at least once in your life not get carried away by the vortex of nighttime fun, penetrate the secrets of the city when it gets dark, go from one bar to another until the sun comes up: do it in Madrid, the right city to be young at all ages, and you too will feel like a local .

The move of Madrid

How does a typical Madrid evening? There is no answer to this question because the movida in Madrid it is extremely varied.

Madrilenians really like to be drinking and chatting with friends, even in unpretentious bars; Madrid, however, is a city with an intense cultural ferment and therefore offers an enormous amount of venues with live music and DJ sets of all kinds. It is also a city that picks up and creates new trends, so expect to find plenty of trendy clubs and hipster hangouts.

There are very popular bars with outdoor tables and their most chic version, or the terraces-bars on the top floor of hotels and skyscrapers; the squares are popular meeting places.

Evenings generally start very late and night bars close between 2 and 4, while discos and clubs close even later.

Madrid nightlife
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