When to go to Madrid

When to go to Madrid

The Spanish capital is a city that really offers everything, including cultural visits, events, nightlife and entertainment and therefore when to go to Madrid it depends entirely on you!

Il Madrid climate makes a holiday possible at any time of the year, but depending on the season you choose you will have a very different experience. Whatever the weather conditions you find, there is always something to do in Madrid, getting bored is really impossible.

The more temperate seasons, spring and autumn, are perfect for those who love to explore the cities on foot, perhaps with a relaxing stop in a city park between one attraction and another.

Summer is the most popular season for Italian tourists who, in the face of higher prices, can enjoy many hours of light, outdoor events and less traffic.

Going to Madrid in winter may seem a bizarre idea, but it should not be discarded a priori: the city is tinged with a particular atmosphere, the nightlife is at its maximum pace, the prices of flights and hotels are cheaper. To shelter from the cold there are the splendid museums that have made the city famous… or if you prefer its lively tapas bars.

Here are the pros and cons of each season in detail, to choose which is the best time to go to Madrid according to the type of holiday you want to do.


La spring is absolutely the best time to go to Madrid because the warm but still mild climate maximizes the beauty of the city and is ideal for getting around on foot. You may find some little precipitation in March and April, but in general in the spring months the weather is almost summer, without the heat and high temperatures of July and August.

The parks are filled with flowers, the people of Madrid pour into the squares and open-air places, the city is pervaded by an atmosphere of energy and celebration; there are many events scheduled in this period.


THEsummer in Madrid it is hot and dry, with peaks of scorching heat that can be difficult to bear, but for many Italians traveling in the summer is an obligatory choice: what to do then, go or not? We have good news for you: with the necessary precautions against the sun, Madrid can also be visited in July and August.

The advantage of choosing this period is that you can take advantage of longer days, with the sunlight lasting until late in the evening. You could use the hottest hours for a nap and do as the people of Madrid do, ie go out in the late afternoon.

Another plus side of go to Madrid in the summer it is finding the quietest city, with less traffic, because even in Spain the majority of people go on vacation in July and August; but be careful because for this very reason many shops and businesses could be closed, moreover the large influx of tourists causes hotel prices to rise.


THEautunno and another recommended time to visit Madrid. Temperatures return to being mild, even if cooler than in spring, and the city parks are colored with suggestive yellow and red hues. It is not the high season for tourism so the prices of flights and hotels are lower than in the summer.

In November, rainfall reaches its annual peak, but keep in mind that the rains in Madrid are never excessive.


Winter is generally a season snubbed by Italians for holidays in Spain, a country that in the collective imagination is always associated with summer and the sun: do not do like everyone else, consider the idea of ​​a holiday in Madrid in winter.

There are many advantages of visit Madrid in the winter months: it is a period of low tourist season, so it will be easy to find affordable offers for flights and hotels, moreover there are few tourists in the city and you can experience a more authentic Madrid, that of the Madrid people.

Winter temperatures are cold, this cannot be denied, but certainly milder than in the capitals of central or northern Europe; snow is a very rare phenomenon and even the rains are not very frequent. On the other hand, with all the clubs open for the winter season, you can experience Madrid's legendary nightlife to the fullest.

Madrid is also a great destination for one holiday on Christmas or New Year: the Spanish capital also lights up with colored lights during the Christmas period and is festively decorated, performances of nativity scenes and a Christmas market are organized in the Plaza Mayor and the pastry shops sell the typical sweets of the Spanish Christmas tradition.

The New Year's Eve in Madrid then needs no introduction because the party in the square in the heart of the city is one of the most famous in Europe.

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